36v 17.5Ah eBike Battery with Free Shipping


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36v 17.5Ah eBike Battery with charger

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In stock


36v 17.5Ah eBike Battery

This is the newest version of the downtube battery and for once it is based more on function than form. This style of battery is significantly different (better) than any of its predecessors. Other down tube batteries were difficult to install as they had to be absolutely level. If, the battery was not perfectly level the battery would not easily slide on or off. Also, the downtube batteries often could not be attached without drilling into the frame and installing Rivnuts.

Ease of Installation

With this new battery the use of Rivnuts will not be needed on most bike frames. Nearly the entire bottom of the base plate is an area where you can connect to the existing water bottle holes on your frame. The 36v 17.5Ah battery is our most affordable 36v battery.

In my opinion, if you are ready to upgrade your battery, take off the old Hailong base on your current bike and put on this new downtube battery and base. It will be worth the extra work.


Our other 36v battery is a 36v 15Ah which also features the new version.