48v 14.5Ah Battery with Samsung Cells


48v 14.5Ah Battery with Samsung Cells

1. New slim shark style Case
2. Waterproof and Solid plastic Case
3. Lighted battery LED power Indicator
4. Convenient Charge Port
5. Lock with Keys securely locks the mount on bike frame

Please note that batteries cannot be returned without the services of a hazardous material shipper. This is a Federal Law that applies to all sellers of Lithium Ion batteries in the United States. Federal Law provides no exceptions to this rule. This is why we sell only the highest quality of eBike batteries.


Please note that all of our batteries are shipped as class 9 hazardous materials. While most of our batteries are shipped from our US location, some will be shipped directly from our overseas supplier and will arrive in approximately 7 to 10 days.



48v 14.5Ah Battery with Samsung Cells

This ebike battery packs a whopping  700 watt hours! Samsung cells and a 30 amp battery management system. This is a premium long distance battery that power your ebike until the cows come home. The Hailong 3 battery case is as strong and rugged as they come as has always been a favorite among ebike builders. When installing this battery be sure to keep the “shoe” plate level.  If the install plate is not level the battery will be difficult to slide in and out.

The 48v 14.5Ah Battery with Samsung Cells is one our most popular batteries. It comes with the Hailong 3 case and features a USB port and a key and lock.

48V 12.5Ah eBike Battery

If your frame does not seem to fit the Hailong eBike battery case, you may have to install a rivnut in order to stabilize the battery. You will need an rivnut installer to carry out this procedure.

This battery works with the BBS02 750 watt electric bike motor kit and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt electric bike motor kit.