48v 20Ah Triangle Battery with Free Shipping


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48v 20Ah Triangle battery with charger

New version with usb and on/off button.

All of our batteries are the newest models with the latest technology onboard.  The price you see includes charger, shipping and all Hazmat fees.

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In stock


48v 20Ah Triangle Battery

The 48v 20Ah triangle battery provides over over 960 watt hours! This is truly your long distance battery. The reason we carry this battery is there are many bikes where you just cannot fit the downtube battery because the triangle is too small. Many bikes with full suspension cannot accommodate a down tube battery so this is the perfect solution. In addition, it is no small battery! I do not think there is a single production bike that comes with a 1,040 watt hour battery and if there was it would cost a lot more than our asking price. Look closely…this is not a “bag battery.” This battery is completely enclosed in a hardshell case. This makes for a cleaner install.

This is a very large and heavy battery so be care when installing that you do not drop the battery. The case of this battery is very strong but it is never a good thing to drop any lithium ion battery. 


We also have this same battery as  a 52v triangle battery