Anderson Powerpole Connectors Pair 30 Amp


Many Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt and Bafang BBS02 750 watt electric bike motor kits come with the Anderson Powerpole connecters preinstalled. When ordering your battery remember to ask that the Powerpole connectors be installed to your battery then you simply have to plug it in. If you battery comes with some other connectors then you might like to use this product.

One set means one red and one black housing with the 30 amp contact.


This is a pair of the Anderson Powerpole Connectors Pair 30 Amp. This is the only connectors we use on all of our Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt and the 

Bafang BBS02 750 watt electric bike motor kits. These are the most popular connectors on the market for electric bike builds. These are easy to use and are common with most kits being sold today. They are designed to be used with 12 to 14 gauge wire. Please note that it takes a special crimper to use this product. There is a number of after market crimpers that will work with this product but we prefer the TRIcrimp. 

The contacts of this product are made of highly conductive silver-plated copper for minimal contact resistance at high currents. The average contact resistance is 600 micro-ohms. The contacts are rated at 10,000 no-load connect/disconnect cycles. When two pairs are mated together, it takes approximately 3 pounds of tension to pull them apart. 

There a lot of different ways of connecting the wires on your Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt and Bafang BBS02 750 electric bike motor but we believe there is none better than the Anderson Powerpole connectors. This is why most sellers of the Bafang Mid Dive use these connectors. 

These connectors are also for all electric bike batteries. Please be careful when working withe electric bike batteries as a serious shock may occur. 

If your motor arrives with the Anderson connector preinstalled then you will need this product for your battery.

The Anderson Powerpole Connectors Pair 30 Amp 

Anderson Crimping Tool for Anderson Powerpole connectors

48 volt battery

We also carry Heat shrink tubing in 10mm for a cleaner install.



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