Bafang BBS02 500 Watt Electric Bike Motor Kit


This motor is special order only. We do not get a lot of requests for this motor so we do not keep them in stock. Delivery time is approximately 10 days. The Bafang 500 watt electric bike motor kit has all the same parts as the Bafang BBS02 750 watt and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt and carries the same 1 year warranty. the display it comes with is not the same in the picture. It is usually shipped with a Bafang C965 LCD display.


 Bafang BBS02 500 watt electric bike motor kit. This kit is special order only. It is also a 36 volt system, 48 volt batteries will not work with this motor.

Each kit we ship is first removed from the original container, bench tested, each part accounted for, then repackaged and shipped.

This is the Bafang BBS02B 500 watt mid drive kit. It includes everything you need to convert your existing bike into an eBike. 

For installation instructions of the Bafang electric bike motor kit click here: Installation

For notes on the Bafang installation tool click here: Bafang Spanner
This motor is the same size and weight of the Bafang BBS02 750 watt but it produces less power. This motor might be used by someone who prefers a slower motor with less ramp up speed.