Bafang BBS02b 750w Mid Drive


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Bafang BBS02b 750w Mid Drive

The Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor will fit the needs of 99% of all those searching for a motor for an electric bike. It is the most powerful motor built by Bafang that is allowed on any public road in the US. The BBSHD 1000w is for off road use only.

In stock

Chainring Size

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Add a Lekkie “Bling Ring” Chain Ring

Add a Battery

All of our batteries ship class 9 hazardous material and ship separately. Motor arrive 3-5 days, batteries arrive 10-15 days. We only recommend 48v batteries for all Bafang motors.

Shift Sensor

A shift sensor is one of the most important upgrades when installing the 1000 watt motor. It shuts off the motor for a brief moment allowing you to shift gears without damaging your drive train

Add Bafang Installation Tool

If you are installing this motor yourself you will need the Bafang Spanner.

Bafang Color Display

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Bafang BBS02b 750w Mid Drive

The fact that the Bafang company sells more electric bike motors than all the rest of the companies combined says it all. The Bafang BBS02b motor is powerful, easy to maintain, simple in design, can be moved from bike to bike, and parts are are available and easy too fine. In fact, we stock every part you can think of for the Bafang BBS02 and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt motor

This motor will meet the needs of just about every rider. In fact if this motor is not powerful enough to pull you up a super steep hill on your daily commute then an electric bike, with any competitors motor is not going to work. Again, there is no other street legal motor, more powerful than the Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor. Please note that 750 watts is the maximum allowable watts in all 50 States.

Are these motors easy to install? With the right tools, and we sell each tool that you will need at very reasonable prices, just about anyone can can install the Bafang BBS02/HD motors. However, be careful as it is easy to injure hand trying to remove a bottom bracket, or crank arms.

While it is possible to reprogram the controller in the BBS02 we caution that in doing so you may shorten the life of your motor.