Bafang Brake Levers with Cutoff Switch


Bafang Brake Levers with cut off switch!

Premium E-Brake lever (Pair) with cushion grips for the Bafang BBS02 750 watt electric bike kit and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt Electric bike motor kit


Bafang Brake Levers with cutoff switch

The Bafang Brake lever with a built in motor cut off switch are essential to any electric bike. Electric bikes can develop a lot of speed very quickly. In a panic stop, the Bafang brake levers with the cutoff switch will shut off the motor the moment you activate the brakes. If you do not have these brakes then there is not way to shut the motor off in a panic stop without braking against the full power of a 750 watt or a 1000 watt motor! Yes, when you stop pedaling the motor does shut off. However, in a panic stop it does not shut off that quickly. In addition, some motors are programed to have “overshoot.” This condition causes the motor to run after pedaling has ceased. It will only run for a second but that is long enough to find you trying to stop quickly against all that power. Be safe, always use some kind of brake with a motor cut off switch.

If you have hydraulic brakes try the hydraulic brake cutoff switch.

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