Bafang Chainring Cover BBS02 for 46t and 48t


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Bafang Chainring Cover BBS02 44T

Bafang chainring cover for the Bafang BBS02 750 watt electric bike motor kit. Please note that this chainring cover will not fit the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt motor. This comes in three sizes 44t,  46t-48t, and 52t


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Bafang Chainring Cover BBS02 for 46T and 48t

Bafang chainring cover BBS02.

When you purchase a Bafang BBS02 750 watt electric bike motor kit you will find a chainring and a plastic cover. The plastic cover is not just for esthetics. Consider that the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt kit does not include a plastic cover and if there is ever a chainring that needed an esthetic make over the BBSHD chainring would be first in line. This plastic cove has a purpose and that is to keep the chain from coming off on the starboard side. Dropping a chain can be an annoying problem. A chain coming off the bike can be dangerous. On every bike a chain should never come off the chainring or the cogset, never.

This chainset cover will not fit on the Bafang BBSHD. The BBSHD does not come with a cover.

When installing this plastic plate it is best to install it before you mount the motor on the bike. Either way will work but trying to get those very small screws in the chainring cover after the motor is on the bike is quite a challenge.

This cover comes in three sizes: 44t and 46/48, and the large 52t

Need another stock chainring for the bbs02? Here it is.

We also carry the self tapping screws for the plastic cover


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