Bafang Crank Arm Bolts


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Bafang Crank Arm Bolts, Two in a Pack

These are the standard crank arm bolts that are used to tighten the crank arm as far as it can go unto the Bafang motor spindle. Remember to grease spindle before installing the crank arm. Please note that the exact color may change from time to time due to supply. We also sell the crank arm puller and the thread chaser.

Two crank arm bolts in theĀ  package

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Bafang Crank Arm Bolts

These are standard bolts for the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt and the Bafang BBS02 750 watt electric bike motor kit. These are the same that comes with the kit that you purchased. These will work with Lekkie crank arms. When installing the Bafang crank arm bolts do not over tighten. Prior to installing the crank arm apply a bit of grease. This grease will insure the crank arm will come off easier in the future.

These crank arm bolts are used in place of those that came with your kit. If you are having difficulty installing the crank arm bolt use a thread chaser then install the bolt. Even the slightest debris on the internal threads can cause the crank arm bolt go in at an angle and possibly damage the threads. Fits both the BBSHD and BBS02 electric bike motor kits.

Sometimes removal of a crank bolt can be difficult. Use a hex wrench and turn the bolt counter clockwise to loosen. Be sure and protect your hands in the even the bolt comes free unexpectedly. When installing your new crank bolt add a dab of light grease. This will allow easy removal next time. Do not over tighten. Tighten enough to press the crank arm as far up the spindle as possible. Note: Be sure to grease the spindle prior to installing the crank arm. This allows the crank bolt to pull the spindle much easier. Greasing the spindle is also important for future removal of the cranks. If, you do not grease the spindle the crank arms can “freeze” to the spindle making removal difficult, if not impossible.

We also carry Bafang crank arms in size 152mm, 170mm, and 175mm.