Bafang Wiring Harness With One Lead


This is the Bafang wiring harness with only one lead for the display. If you do not need eBrakes or the throttle then this is the perfect product. Cleans up your cables at the front of the bike and eliminates excess cables for a clean install. Perfect for Bafang road bike builds. We use this product on all of our custom builds where eBrakes and throttles are not required. 


This cable is very popular. This is the Bafang Wiring Harness With One Lead. That means for those who do not need the eBrake leads or the throttle leads it is the perfect cable for the cleanest cable management possible. This is the cable we use on all of our custom road bikes. This is a display only cable. One of the complaints about the Bafang BBS02 750 watt and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt electric bike motor kits is that it is difficult to manage the excess cable. This is especially true if there are leads you do not need.

This product solves the problem of too much cable and cable clutter. Just plug one end into the main cable to the motor and the other end into the display and you are finished. It was a year before we even knew this product existed. Now we always have it in stock and use it ourself on a regular basis.

We also sell this same cable with 4 leads, 3 leads, and two leads.

Bafang Display C 965A



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