Hailong Battery Main Wiring Cable 5 Pin


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Hailong Battery Main Wiring Cable

This is the 5 pin battery cable that comes with most high quality electric bike batteries. We do not make these. We order them from the same company that makes the batteries installed on most electric bikes in North America. It comes equipped with Anderson Powerpole connectors.


In stock


Hailong Battery Main Wiring Cable

This is the Hailong Battery Main Wiring Cable. This part is very hard to find so we try to keep it in stock for our clients. To build an electric bicycle requires cutting wires and shortening them up to get that clean professional look. One of the things we do at Island City Bikes is to cut the battery cable very short so our connection to the motor is tucked inside the battery base. This is not only an attractive method of wiring it also protects the Anderson connection protected from the elements. It can be easy to cut the battery wire too short. Remember, there has to be enough room to attach the Anderson Powerpole connectors. If it is cut too short then we just grab another Hailong Battery Main Wiring Cable and downtime is eliminated.

This wiring cable comes with the new 5 pin connector and is ready to slip right in where the old 5 pin connector was located. The Hailong Battery Main Wiring Cable is make of high grade stranded wire and is the same that comes with most Hailong batteries.

Please note that this is not a self made cable. This cable is the same one that is manufactured by one of the largest electric bike companies. We do not make our own. They are professionally made.

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