Hailong Battery Mounting Base Plate 5 Pin


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Hailong Battery Mounting Base Plate

This is the base plate for the Hailong battery. This is the 5 pin model not the blade contact model. This product comes with genuine Anderson Powerpole connectors installed. Now, you can have more than one ebike and swap the battery from one to the other. Please insure that the model you need is the 5 pin model before ordering. We try to keep in stock all of the battery base plates. Do not see the one you are looking for? Send us a message we may have it but have yet to list it on our site.

In stock

Anderson Powerpole Connectors are the most commonaly used connector


Hailong Battery Mounting Base Plate

The Hailong Battery Mounting Base plate is the bottom part of the eBike battery that mounts to the downtube. These are very hard to find. And because of that it is very difficult for us to keep them in stock. The Hailong battery base plate can be used where a person has more than one eBike and wishes to share one battery among all of his/her bikes. At Island City eBikes we will build 20 electric bikes and put battery base plates on all of them and not have to keep 20 batteries sitting around while we wait for the bikes to sell. Many people have more than one electric bikes and share one battery among them.

Hailong batteries come in two styles. The older style has “bladed contacts” and the new model has 5 pins. This product is the new style with the 5 pins. If unsure give us a call.

Some people prefer the old bladed style while other prefer the new style with the 5 pins. In our opinion, they are both stable platforms for mounting you battery. Always remember to install the battery mounting plate level. If the battery plate is not level it will be very difficult to slide the battery all the way down where it can have a good a good connection. Sometimes we install Rivnuts to insure a level battery base and a secure battery base. We sell both Rivnuts and a very good Rivnut Installation Tool for this purpose.

We also stock Anderson Powerpole connectors and Anderson Powerpole crimpers

You also might need the Hailong main wiring cable

And some extra Hailong base screws


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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × .25 in


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