Half Twist Throttle for Bafang Motor


Half twist throttle for Bafang BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD.

Please note that this throttle is similar to a motorcycle throttle and is to be mounted on the right hand side of the bike. these twist style throttles can be very sensitive so please use with care.


Half Twist Throttle for Bafang Motor

Half Twist Throttle for Bafang Motor . There are two types of twist throttles for the Bafang motor. The first is the full twist throttle for Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD, and the second is a half twist model. The half twist throttle is the one being offered here. This throttle is not the sort of like the type you would find on a motorcycle. One thing to note on any type of twist throttle is that hey can be dangerous if not careful Please use with caution. This half twist throttle for the Bafang can be tricky to install so we recommend being very careful. Sometimes, doing a Google search may help in finding others who have good advice on installation. If you have any install questions just send us a note.

If you world like to order the half twist model it can be found on our products page. Please, use this product with caution.

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Weight 8 lbs