ICB Off Road eBike Blue

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We no longer carry this bike in its stead….we are building custom electric bikes based on frame sets of Specialized, Giant, Raleigh, and Norco.

Our bikes are hand built and shipped from Alameda California. No other electric bike company offer a better bike,, with a more powerful motor, and a larger battery! The motor on our bikes is the most powerful allowed by Federal law. The battery on most eBikes are 400 watt hours. Our standard battery is a 48v 14.5 with premium Samsung cells providing 700 watt hours of long distance power.

Specialized Roll Easy Entry Electric Bike

Specialized Roll Sport Electric Bike


We are no longer carrying this product. In its place we are offering our hand built custom electric bikes. Our custom built bikes electric bikes use the best framsests and components available. We build our electric bikes using Specialized, Giant, Raleigh, and Norco.