Lekkie 42T BBSHD Chainring


Lekkie 42T BBSHD Chainring

Lekkie BBSHD Bling Ring Chainring 46 Tooth
Cnc from one piece of 7075 heat treated aluminum for long life
160 grams, about half the weight of stock chain ring
One piece design
Made by Lekkie, the originator of the Bling Ring
Makes a better chain ring than the stock one by doing more offset, much lighter, and much better looking!

We install Lekkie chain rings on all our eBikes for no other reason than they look so much better than the stock chainring.



Lekkie 42T BBSHD Chainring, Bling, quality, performance

Lekkie 42T BBSHD Chainring

The Lekkie BLINRRING is the most sort after accessory for the Bafang BBSHD mid motor systems.

All aspects of performance and durability were considered during the design process with the utmost emphasis on quality and finish.

As it is the only front chain ring, a narrow wide tooth pattern can be used to eliminate chain derailment and increase durability by thickening the teeth.  7075 Heat treated alloy means we can get the weight to a fraction of the stock steel ring but retain the tooth hardness.

Aesthetics are vastly improved compared to stock chainrings. Combine with the Buzz Bar Cranks for the ultimate

Lekkie Bling Rings are optimized for the best chain line, with spacers available when needed.