Rivnuts for Battery Installation


Aluminum Heavy-Duty Rivet Nut, M5 x .8 Internal Thread, .5-3.3mm Material Thickness

The installation of Rivnuts is essential for holding heavy (10 pounds) eBike batteries on bike frames.

Pack of five (5)


Rivnuts for Battery Installation

Aluminum Twist-Resistant Rivet Nuts. These rivet nuts are one-third the weight of steel rivet nuts and are mildly corrosion resistant. A ribbed body holds the nut in place so it won’t turn when tightening a screw.  The Rivnut tool collapses the nut, creating a backside flange that holds the nut to the material. Length is measured from under the flange. Installed length is the maximum length of the barrel when installed.

If you are installing a battery on your bike the chances are that you are going to need Rivnuts for Battery Installation and a Rivnut installer. You will also need a 19/64 (7.6mm) drill bit. A downtube battery can weigh 10 pounds and it needs to be held securely in place. Also, the addition and placement of Rivnuts in your frame will assist you in getting the battery level. If the battery is not level then it will not slide into the carriage. 

Many purchase their Bafang BBS02 750 watt and Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt kit thinking battery placement is simply lining up the mounting holes on the mounting plate with the water bottle bosses. Sometimes that will work but 90% of the time it will not work. This product includes five 5mm Rivnuts. The stand size of most water bottle bosses is 5mm so the same screws that you use will fit these Rivnuts. We also sell the greatest Rivnut installation tool ever invented!

Aluminum Heavy-Duty Rivet Nut, M5 x .8 Internal Thread, .5-3.3mm Material Thickness

Aluminum Twist-Resistant Rivet Nuts

Rivnut installation tool

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