Bafang Universal Thumb Throttle

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Bafang Universal Thumb Throttle

Bafang Thumb Throttle. This is simple to install and it works with all Bafang motor kits. This is a universal throttle and can work on either on the left side or the right side of you bars. 


Bafang Universal Thumb Throttle

The Bafang Thumb Throttle can be placed on the right or on the left hand side. We sell more of the Bafang universal thumb bike throttles than any other available throttle. We like the thumb throttle over the full twist throttle. Also, we prefer the thumb throttle over the half twist throttle as we feel it is safer. I suppose it is a matter of personal preference. However, all throttles can be dangerous. At times, a person standing next to your bike may inadvertently activate the throttle. Please use with care.

When installing the thumb throttle it is very important that it is tightened securely. Insure the throttle cannot be moved after tightening. Be sure and place the thumb throttle far enough away from the brake lever that it cannot come into contact with the brake lever attachment bolt. This Bafang left thumb throttle is compatible with BBS01/BBS02/BBSHD motors.Designed to be mounted on left side of handlebars and is easy plug into the Bafang Main Wiring Harness.

With this plug in throttle you can turn a class I bike into a class II bike simply by plugging the throttle into the Bafang wiring harness. Many Centuries and Grand Fondo’s are now allowing class one eBikes. If you wish to ride in one of these events just unplug the throttle and your bike has reverted back to a class one eBike.

This part fits the Bafang BBs02 750 watt and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt electric bike motor kit.


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