Bafang Universal Thumb Throttle

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Bafang Thumb Throttle. This is the simplest device if you wish to add a throttle to your eBike. It will work with BBS01. BBS02, and the BBSHD. This is a universal throttle and can work on either the left side or the right side of you bars.


The Bafang Universal Thumb Throttle can be placed on the right hand side of the bars or on the left hand side. We sell more of the Bafang universal thumb throttle than any other available throttle. We like the thumb throttle over the full twist throttle or the half twist throttle as we feel it is safer. However, all throttles can be dangerous. At times, a person standing next to your bike may inadvertently activate the throttle. For some reason we see the twist throttle being wrongly active more than the thumb throttle.

The Bafang universal thumb throttle makes getting a bike rolling easier. At Island City eBikes we build hundreds of bikes and we include this thumb throttle on almost every bike. Please be careful when installing and it is always best to view videos on how to perform the installation. We have seen some that were not tightened adequately.  This can cause the throttle to move and become engaged.

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Weight 4 lbs